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Black Diesel Coffee

Honduras Natural

Honduras Natural

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FLAVOR NOTES: Candied-Apple, Caramel-Tender, Syrupy Body

ORIGIN: Honduras

REGION: Mercedes, Ocotepeque

PRODUCER: Edwyn Galile Soriano

FARM: La Bendicion

VARIETY: Parainema

PROCESS: Natural

ELEVATION: 1460 masl

FARM NOTES: Since Edwyn can remember, he has been involved in the world of coffee. From the age of six, he was responsible for bringing lunch for
his father while he worked on his coffee farm. His father always taught him to
work during his free time and had a saying for him, "A child's work is little, but
the one who wastes it is a fool".
His father combined schooling with hands-on teaching. Starting in fifth grade,
after school he helped moving the coffee around to ensure it dried uniformly
and he later also had the responsibility to water the coffee nurseries. When he
turned eighteen, his father assigned him a hectare of land that he had
previously helped plant to take charge of and earn income from.
Edwyn is a third-generation coffee farmer, and he's forming the fourth
generation with his four children from his twenty-four-year marriage.
Edwyn has faced several challenges to achieve the coffee farm he now owns
with his family. He emigrated to the US for three years to earn better income.
During this time, his wife managed the farm, and he comments that she did a
phenomenal job in maintaining it well. After three years in the US, his main
motivation for returning to Honduras was his love for his family and his desire
to enjoy a good cup of coffee from his "La Bendicion" farm. Coffee farming has
been hard in recent years because of the high costs of coffee production, the
lack of labor due to migration, and the low conventional prices.
His dream is to have an international buyer who purchases his harvest directly
each year, and considers his coffee an essential part of their business. This is
why Edwyn mentions that year after year, he has been working to maintain
consistency in the quality and type of coffee he offers.


Source: Honduran Coffee Alliance

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