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Black Diesel Coffee

Peru Cajamarca, Fair Trade

Peru Cajamarca, Fair Trade

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FLAVOR NOTES: Grapefruit-citrus, Caramel-tender, Clean sweet finish

ORIGIN: Peru Fair-Trade Organic


PRODUCER: Small-Holder Farmers

FARM: Small-Holder Farms

VARIETY: Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

PROCESS: Washed ELEVATION: 1650-1800 masl

HARVEST: June-September


This coffee is sourced from many smallholder farms and farmers who are part of cooperatives in their region of Peru. This coffee is fairtrade organic and grown in the Lima Region. Lima Coffee exporting organization is run by Roy Lavan, an ambitious and quality driven cupper. As a side note, cupping is the quality grading protocol that is universally used in the specialty coffee industry. It is a universally accepted and practiced protocol. This Peru, like majority of Peru coffee goes through the washed process. Before the coffee dries on a patio or drying bed, it goes through a 12-18 hours open-air fermentation process.


Peru has over 90,000 hectares of coffee farmland that is certified organic. It has one of the highest percentages of certified-organic coffee in the world. Also, 25-30% of smallholder farmers in Peru are members of democratically organized cooperatives and associations.

The region of Lima is an area that surround the capital of Peru. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the west to the Andes Mountains to the east. Lima is considered to be the political, cultural, financial and commercial centers of Peru. Lima has a mild climate overall, and has relatively high humidity, which result in brief morning fogs in the early summer and a typically persistent low cloud deck during the winter.

Source: Cafe Imports and Wikipedia


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