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Black Diesel Coffee

Honduras La Paz

Honduras La Paz

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FLAVOR NOTES: Granny Smith Apple, Toffee Sweetness, Biscotti Cookie

ORIGIN: Honduras

REGION: Opatoro, La Paz

PRODUCER: Santos Nolberto Lopez

FARM: Las Antenas

VARIETY: Ihcafe 90, Bourbon, Parainema (Geisha)

PROCESS: Washed and drying with a Solar Dryer

ELEVATION: 1660-1760 masl

FARM NOTES: Nolberto learned everything about coffee farming while
working with his uncles from 1978 to 1987. The following year, he ventured on his
own when he purchased his first two hectares of land from his grandfather Julian.
In 2004, he set out to expand his farm. At that time, less than half a hectare of
land was cultivated with coffee. Recognizing the excellence of the Opatoro region
for coffee, he gradually bought more land, now owning a little over 31 hectares of
land divided between Las Antenas Farm and Las Tres Piedras Farm.
His dream was always to become an excellent coffee grower like his family in the
Opatoro region. However, he has faced many financial limitations, which led him
to seek loans which allowed him to increase his cultivated land.
In the 1970s through the 1990s, the Opatoro region was a strong
coffee-producing area led by his distant family. Whey they left the area, the farms
were left abandoned. But from 2002 onwards, new producers in the area began to
revive coffee cultivation, including Nolberto, who acquired abandoned coffee lots
to restart this crop.

One thing that sets Nolberto apart is his passion for coffee and the benefits it
brings to his community - especially the support he provides to the Opatoro
region by creating numerous direct and indirect job opportunities. He
predominantly hires female labor for picking. The cherry is then taken to
processing facilities where he has developed a meticulous process to achieve
specific attributes and qualities unique to the coffee produced in this region.
Nolberto's vision is ambitious, and he continues to invest in his coffee farms to
consistently produce the best possible beans. He sees this as his calling card to
attract more and more buyers interested in establishing a commercial relationship with Nolberto and his entire family.


Source: Honduran Coffee Alliance

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