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Black Diesel Coffee

Sumatra Harimau Tiger

Sumatra Harimau Tiger

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FLAVOR NOTES: Guava, Banana, Earthy-Minerality, Juicy

ORIGIN: Sumatra Harimau Tiger


PRODUCER: Smallholder Farms

FARM: Smallholder Farmers

VARIETY: Atteng, Bor-Bor, Catimor, Timor

PROCESS: Wet-Hulled

ELEVATION: 1300-1650 meters above sea level

FARM NOTES: Harimau Tiger captures the classic characteristics of a Sumatran coffee while also offering a cleaner, sweeter profile and higher cup quality than a standard Mandheling. As with our other signature coffees, Harimau Tiger is sourced based on quality and profile, and carries limited or no traceability.

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